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About Our Course

Upmanyu Trader started the online course with the motive to change the mindset behind day trading and empower people to benefit from it. 

As the best Stock Market Course in India, it aims at helping its members in mastering technical analysis. As a member, you’ll also benefit from the following inclusions:

  • A rulebook to achieve consistency in the market.
  • Daily stocks sent before market opens to practice and earn daily.
  • Get information about the entry and exit points before the market opens.
  • Get help in the selection of quantities to control emotion.
  • Price patterns based on technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Empower you to become an independent trader through sound stock selection.
  • Expert followed and approved risk management techniques
  • Money back guarantee.

Learnings From The Course

These are the learnings you will get from Upmanyu Trader, one of the best day trading courses in India:

  • Simplest Price Pattern Strategies.
  • Price action chart patterns.
  • Key Ingredients To Get Consistent Profits As A Day Traders.
  • How To Trade & Select Stocks Like A Pro Trader.
  • Candlestick patterns.
  • Master Options Using Technical & Fundamentals Begind Charts.
  • Learn To Buy & Sell With The Market
  • How To Create Permanent Stock List.
  • How To Be An Independent &  Intraday Trader.

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